1. Routine Inspection.

  2. Non-destructive Examination and Testing (NDE/NDT).

AL-ROOKAL Co. For Engineering Inspection Ltd. supplying the under mentioned NDE/NDT services in accordance with the International Codes & Standards requirements via It's own equipments and well-experienced Staff of Examiners holding Level II in accordance with the American Society of Non-destructive Testing (ASNT/SNT-TC-1A) specification:-


1.     Visual Examination (VT).

2.     Radiographic Examination (RT).

3.     Ultrasonic Examination (UT).

4.     Dye Penerant Examination (PT).

5.     Magnetic Particles Examination (MT).

6.     Micro-structure Examination by Replication.


  1. Third Party Inspection.

AL-ROOKAL CO. is capable for supplying Third Party Inspection to the projects under Construction or Rehabilitation equipments and assemblies including:-


1.     Shop Inspection By cooperation agreements with International Inspection Agencies like Bureau Veritas (BV).

2.     Site Inspection By our own well experienced staff of site Inspectors and board of long experienced Consultants in the field s of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and other fields of Industry providing (but not limited):-

A.   Receiving (On Arrival) inspection.

B.    Approval of Welding Procedures Specification (WPS).

C.   Witnessing or Performing of the Welders and/or welding machine operators Qualification and Testing.

D.   Supervision in Daily basis of Installation, Construction, Assembly and Welding processes.

E.    Issuing of the equipments and assemblies relevant Certificates. 




  1. Engineering Consultancies

AL-ROOKAL Co. is capable to play the role of Engineering Consultant in the project under Construction or Rehabilitation and/or the existing processing Plants in the fields of:-


1.     Giving remedies for repair of deficient or partially damaged parts or components.

2.     Corrosion and Corrosion Control or Prevention.

3.     Remnant Life Assessment (RLA) of the existing plant equipments.

4.     Failure and failure Prevention analysis of plants and equipments.   


  1. ISO standards Qualification.

AL-ROOKAL Co. supplying Consultancies related to Qualification of Organizations for ISO 9001-2008 specification and other ISO standards via cooperation agreement with BM TRADA Company who accredited by UKAS of England.


  1. Training and Certification.

AL-ROOKAL Co. by cooperation with International Training agencies providing Training and Certification courses in the fields of:-


1.     Inspection and Inspection related fields.

2.     NDE/NDT according to ASNT.

3.     Welding and Welding related processes.

4.     Materials Mechanical Testing.

5.     Hydrogen attack of metals and equipments.

6.     Remnant Life Assessment (RLA) of the processing plant equipments.



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